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Pioneer Coaches and Families,
Pioneer is committed to the emotional and physical development and safety of all our players.  This includes preventing child abuse and reporting any suspected instance of child abuse to law enforcement.  Pioneer is committed to complying with the federal Safe Sports Act (2017), which imposes requirements on certain youth athletic organizations aimed at preventing and reporting abuse.  
Babe Ruth League, our chartering organization, recently established a new policy on child abuse prevention, which guides Pioneer's approach.  Babe Ruth League's policy can be found here:  Babe Ruth League Child Abuse Risk Management Program2019.pdf
More specifically, to promote awareness, in 2019, Pioneer is requiring all of our house baseball and Legends managers and assistants and other volunteers (team parent helpers) who work directly with children to complete an on-line training course provided by USA Baseball.  The training is designed to raise awareness of child abuse, give practical pointers on identifying and preventing it, and emphasizing the importance of reporting suspected abuse to law enforcement.  The FREE training, called "Abuse Awareness for Adults," takes approximately 30 minutes and can be found here:  https://Abuse Awareness for Adults.
Pioneer also requires all of our managers, assistants, and volunteers (team parent helpers) who work directly with children to complete a background check, which includes screening through national criminal databases and sex offender registries.  
Finally, Pioneer will report any instances of suspected child abuse--emotional, physical, or sexual--to law enforcement immediately.  Under this law, coaches and volunteers are required to report suspected abuse to the Pioneer Board, which will immediately inform law enforcement.
Pioneer's most powerful tool to keeping our players safe is you.  As a community, we need to be vigilant about identifying potential abuse and reporting it.  If you suspect that a child may be in an abusive situation, report it right away -- either directly to law enforcement or to the Pioneer Board, which will pass on the report.  It is the responsibility of our entire community to protect our children.  Pioneer takes that responsibility seriously, and we urge all of our parents, coaches, and volunteers to support us in that.
The Pioneer Board of Directors