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Coach's Online Sign-Up:

All Head Coaches & Assistants MUST REGISTER to coach each season for Pioneer Baseball League Insurance purposes. 

This information is used to keep track of who our coaches are from season-to-season and information is used for our annual MANDATORY Background Check. Please review the information below regarding background checks.

As of 2019, ALL House Baseball and Legends Managers, Assistants, and Volunteers (including team parent helpers) are required to have the annual background check, AND the Safe Sports Act Training on file with Pioneer.

1. Background Checks:

For the safety of our players, Pioneer requires all Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Board of Directors who are regularly on the fields, or at league sanctioned events, to have a Background Check submitted annually prior to the start of the first spring practice or league event, whichever comes first. 

It is Pioneer's policy that no player be left unattended or unsupervised at our fields, for both games and practices, unless at least 1(one) Coach, Assistant, or Board Member who has successfully passed a Background Check is present.

Pioneer uses First Advantage ( for background checks.  First Advantage is endorsed by and partnered with Babe Ruth League, Inc., to offer their chartered leagues access to premier, non-profit background screening services.  The following criminal record repositories are included in the First Advantage background check:

1. Department of Corrections (Prison, Parole, Release, Probation Files)

2. Administrative Office of Courts

3. Individual County Courts

4. Sex Offender Registry

5. State Specific Criminal Record Repositories

6. First Advantage Proprietary Criminal Record Data

 2. Safe Sports Act Training: For ALL House Baseball and Legends Managers, assistants, and volunteer 'Parent Helpers'

Go To:

3. Ripken Baseball Coaching Certification Program: (House Baseball and Legends Managers and Assistants only)

The Babe Ruth League/Ripken Baseball Coaching Certification Program consists of the Level 1 coaching certification online course Coaching Youth Baseball: The Ripken Way for Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Baseball Coaches. Babe Ruth League, Inc. and Ripken Baseball, Inc. exclusively endorse these online courses, which are being developed by the American Sport Education Program. 

Pioneer would like all coaches to complete this certification before the first practice.  The cost of the program ($19.95) is covered by the league so there is no financial obligation on the part of the coach

You must register at ,

Then pay $19.95 to take the course, and

 Then complete the course and send an email to to receive your reimbursement for the cost

NOTE: You do NOT need to EMAIL us your certificate as we can see it once completed

Coaching Resources:

1. Please see our "Tips" section for Tee Ball coaching materials, and watch the instructional videos for the various baseball fundamentals

2. Rookies Machine Pitch - Blue Flame Machine Instructions (Blue Flame Pitching Machine Manual.pdf )

3. USA Play Ball Practice Drills - (USA Play Ball Drills.pdf )

4. Sample Practice Routine - (Practice Routine.pdf )