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Starting fall 2017, the AL Division of Rookies is now the “Player Pitch” Division of Rookies and the NL Division is the “Machine Pitch” division.

Target Age: 8 years old (preference prior Rookies Machine Pitch experience. 7 year old players can play in this division with  approval  of the Division Commissioner).

As an instructional division, players in the Player Pitch Division are encouraged to pitch and play the position during games in order to prepare for the next level.  As an introduction level, the amount of player pitching will be more controlled than the pitch counts for the Minors Division.  In general, the following pitch count rules for players will be in place for the Pitching Division:

  1. 6 days rest between games pitched
  2. 3 inning or 50 pitch limit per game, whichever is reached first
  3. 9 inning or 150 pitch limit per season, whichever is reached first
  4. Participation in a partial inning, counts toward the total season inning limit

Further details of the format during the games will be provided by your coaches, but it will be limited to the 7 pitches per batter as currently imposed with the exception of foul balls on the final pitch.

Players will be 100% assessed for the Intro Kid Pitch Division (similarly as in the past with former Rookies AL).  All players must attend the assessmentto for consideration in this Divsision.  The league recommends a minimum of one season in the Machine Pitch (NL) level before assessing for the Player Pitch (AL) Division of Rookies. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Rookies AL Commissioner:  Christian Allen (